Workplace Fire Safety

All employers have a statutory duty

All employers have a statutory duty to ensure their employees are fully aware of fire precautions within the workplace.

We can help ensure that your staff remain safe in the event of fire. All of our instructors have experienced the devastation fire can cause and use their knowledge to provide the very best training.

Rescue 365 CIC are experts in meeting all of your fire safety, fire prevention and fire training needs.

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Code Course Duration
F 01 Fire Safety Principles - Fire Warden 1 Day
F 02 Introduction To Fire Risk Assessment 1 Day
F 03 Fire Marshal 1 Day
F 04 Fire Warden / Marshal Refresher 1/2 Day
F 05 Fire Safety Awareness 1/2 Day
F 06 Fire Evacuation 1/2 Day
F 07 Rescue Mat Training 1/2 Day
F 08 Fire Extinguishers 1/2 Day
F 09 Fire Risk Assessment Full Training Bespoke
F 10 Practical Fire Investigation Level 1 & 2 Bespoke
F 11 Fire And Explosive Investigation Bespoke
F 12 Fire Safety Management And Risk Assesment Bespoke
F 13 Fire Risk Assessment And Control And Fire Safety For Managers Bespoke

"Rescue 365 is the trading arm of Mid & West Wales Fire & Rescue Service"