Leadership & Management

Leadership is about inspiring people to outperform themselves, our leadership courses aim to transform your managers at every level into leaders.

An inspired and motivated workforce is essential for any business that wants to outperform the competition.

Rescue 365 instructors are all experienced officers from the Emergency Services or from the Armed Forces. As such, they possess vast expertise in all aspects of leadership & management.

Let Rescue 365 assist you in developing the right people in the right way. Effective leaders and managers engage, motivate and re-energise their teams. They breathe life and confidence into your organisation.

Call today to discuss your training needs with one of our leadership & management team.

Code Course Duration
LM 01 Certificate And Award In Management BTEC Level 3 and Level 5 Bespoke
LM 02 ILM - Leadership And Management Level 3 Bespoke
LM 03 ILM - Leadership And Management Level 5 Bespoke
LM 04 Effective Middle Managers Bespoke
LM 05 Introduction To Coaching Bespoke
LM 06 Level 3 Coaching And Mentoring Bespoke
LM 07 Mentoring In The Workplace Bespoke
LM 08 Decision Making Bespoke
LM 09 Workforce Development Bespoke

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