Emergency Plan Testing

Regular testing of your organisation’s emergency plans is essential to be able to demonstrate to the regulatory authorities your business' state of emergency preparedness.

We know that 'being prepared' is a critical factor in dealing with immediate circumstances of any incident, minimising costs and business disruption.

Rescue 365 have the experience and skills to test all four levels within your organisa on. Using this methodology, we can assess individual skill and provide further training when needed for everyone from fire fighters and process operators, managers and Directors, right up to your CEO.

Rescue 365 will test your organisation around your own specific risk scenarios. Working with Rescue 365 will create confidence in your team's ability to deal with any emergency situation or business disruption.

Call today to discuss your training needs with one of our emergency planning experts.

Code Course Duration
EP 01 Review Of Emergency Plans Bespoke
EP 02 Emergency Plan Testing Bespoke
EP 03 Buisiness Continuity Plan Testing Bespoke
EP 04 Major Incident Virtual Simulation Bespoke
EP 05 Fitnes Testing Program Bespoke

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